Born in 1980, I grew up in Paris. I went to study film in Los Angeles and since graduating, I have continued to develop my video and photo projects, traveling, always looking to expand my horizons.

As far as I can remember I have always loved traveling, every way one can possibly imagine; discovering new places, physically and through many art forms. At first I traveled through music, as my parents are classical musicians. Music wasn’t a choice, I was surrounded by it, and it took me to many places and triggered countless emotions, images and dreams. Then came movies. I’ve always been fascinated by the strength of cinema, so many fields put together to build another form of reality. So looking to embrace a career in this vast field always felt natural. Photography itself was always around and took on more importance over time, again in a very natural way. As I got older, trips to different parts of the world, different languages, images and sounds became intertwined. Moving or not, images, visions and sounds inhabit my mind, and wanting to tell stories comes without saying.

Ultimately, a photograph that renders a certain vision, intention and emotion is somehow like unvelling a secret.

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